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Breathwork for Health & Healing

Ready to release stress, tension, stuck energy and the old stories about yourself and your health that are holding you down? 

Breathwork is an active meditation that can help you bridge the gap between mind, body & soul.

Breathwork is a powerful, active, ancient form of healing that uses a 3-part, fast-paced breathing pattern.

Unlike many other meditation practices, Breathwork is about tuning in and connecting with your body through a somatic healing experience addressing both body and mind. This work is a journey into your self, and goes way deeper than other breathing practices common to yoga, kundalini, etc.

Often, we don’t have clarity about the unconscious beliefs and stories that are holding us back. Your breath is a powerful portal to unlocking these old narratives that may lie between you and your best health.

Breathwork is for all of us^, and especially for those of us dealing with chronic physical health issues of the digestive, neurological, or glandular variety, and mental health issues like those around trauma, anxiety or depression.

Through the breath, you can release stuck energy and emotions, and connect with your intuition and deep inner wisdom.

When you focus deeply on your breathing, your heart can open to a new understanding of yourself: your history, your present, your future.

Your body stores all your memories, experiences, traumas, and the safe container of Breathwork is a beautiful way to release all this old everything and to welcome in the expansive power of your own healing capacity to help you heal your body and mind.

It can support your spirit and help you release what feels stressful and overwhelming.

We carry around the legacy of our own (and our ancestral) pain, trauma, fear and old stories about ourselves deep in our cells.

Breathwork allows you to release it all, and to remember, in body and spirit, that you are your own best healer.

How does it work?

Breathwork is the magical place where Science and the Sacred meet.

As you draw in these repetitive and deep, rhythmic breaths, pulling in copious amounts of oxygen and blowing out carbon dioxide, your blood temporarily alkalizes and your body calms, on a chemical level.

The calcium ion channels in your body open, producing a deep state of relaxation. This reduces anxiety and stress cellularly. Your cortisol levels rebalance as you breathe deeply, helping to soothe your adrenal glands. This can also lead to a reduction in the mucous-membrane thinning effects of cortisol, which can be supportive in healing leaky gut, IBS and other digestive concerns.

Studies have also shown that as you breathe in and exhale deepy, your brain responds.

An area of the brain called the locus coeruleus, in the brainstem, is involved with physiological responses to stress and panic. The flip side of which is focus and calm attention. As you breathe in, this area experiences an increase in activity. As you breathe out, that activity decreases. By focusing on your breath you are able to calm this area of the brain. Thus, optimizing your capacity to remain in a calmed, centered state not just during but after breathwork and to focus on the healing you most desire, as well as opening yourself up to creativity as you calm your body’s panic response.

The science is clear: meditation is healing. 

Many studies show that meditation helps to reduce heart-rate, cortisol, stress-response, blood-pressure and is thus healing to your thyroid, hormone balance, digestion, on and on. Whether seated, zen-like meditation works for you or not, bringing the breath in takes your practice to a new level, and brings in a depth of healing I personally have not experienced through any other modality of meditation.

Breathwork also stimulates my favorite nerve - the vagus nerve, your 10th cranial nerve. This beauty runs from your brain, through your whole body. It helps regulate everything from your heart-rate (which goes bonkers in anxiety) to digestion to your emotions.

Deep, rhythmic breathing helps to reset and balance your vagus nerve. If you’ve had digestive issues working with vagus nerve tone is so vital for staying SIBO, bacteria and parasite free.

Systemic inflammation is also reduced by deep breathing.

This in turn supports improved adrenal, thyroid and hormone balance.

By supporting an adaptive and regulated vagus nerve response, we can experience reductions in trauma and stress response.

And the ancient texts and wisdom teach us that this kind of deep breathing allows us to release stored energy and to break through energetic blocks in the body.

Whether you believe in chakras, ion channels or the both, breathwork is something that truly needs to be experienced to be understood - it really is equal parts magic and mystery and good ole biochemistry in action.


This Four-Week Course Includes:

  • Four guided Breathwork Meditation session with me - Victoria Albina, NP, MPH, Certified Breathwork Meditation Facilitator; certified life coach; licensed and board-certified Nurse Practitioner with 20 years experience in health & wellness
  • An introductory video to teach you how to do this ancient 3-part Pranayama-based Breathwork Technique
  • Four weekly lessons about the science and psychology of Breathwork and how this practice can support you taking back your health, your wellness, your life, on your own terms
  • Video and PDF guides detailing how to prepare for the practice, how to bring it into your daily life and how to care for yourself after each session
  • Four weekly PDF journaling guides for both before and after each session
  • Grounding and Orienting exercises to complete before the Breathwork and as needed to support you in regulating and calming your nervous system
  • SPECIAL BONUS: 4 weeks of recordings of recent office hours to dive in deeper and hear questions from previous participants

"Victoria creates a safe sacred space to experience the healing of your very own breath. Her style is intuitive, response, and deeply connected. I felt the healing work on my communication and self confidence - both issues I have struggled with. I highly recommend practicing Breathwork Meditation with her as well as life coaching!"


-- Ayesha Ophelia, Coach and Guide - The Girlfriend Manifesto

Important Notes, Disclosures and Policies: 

TW: Breathwork can bring up a lot of emotions, and it's common to want to laugh, cry, moan, sigh, and even scream as you engage in this energetically-activating practice.

Breathwork is work. It can be equal parts exhausting and liberating. It can also bring up a lot of old stuff (from this lifetime and others!) and that be a lot to hold space for.

Tell a friend, counselor or other loved one what you're up to, and go gently into the night after each session, my love. You'll get instructions from me in writing about aftercare best practices to help guide you as you integrate everything you'll experience during this magnificent journey into yourself and the universe.

  • ^Contraindications to group breathwork: pregnancy*, cardiovascular problems, significantly high blood pressure, major psychiatric conditions such as those resulting in hospitalization, recent surgery, acute infectious illness or epilepsy. Please do not register for a class if these contraindications apply to you. If you are under the care of a mental health professional for trauma-related care, please speak with your therapist, counselor or other licensed professional before beginning this work and throughout the process, as Breathwork can bring up a lot of old energy.
  • *Pregnancy: please speak with your midwife or other healthcare provider if you are pregnant and want to do Breathwork.
    • Note that some experts say that Breathwork is safe up until 24 weeks of pregnancy. You get to make your own decision, in conversation with your pregnancy-care team.
  • Asthma is not generally a barrier to Breathwork, and this practice has been very healing for those with asthma. That said, folks with asthma must have their inhaler available during class and must discuss Breathwork with their healthcare team before beginning this practice.
  • Refund/Cancellation Policy: Thank you for understanding that refunds are not available for this course

By purchasing access to this program you state your understanding that Breathwork Meditation is a form of meditation and is not healthcare, does not offer or provide or promise any kind of healing or cure, and you agree to talk with your healthcare team before starting this or any form of meditation or breathing exercises.

What People Are Saying:

“My breathwork session with Victoria was expansive and fun. I have to say I was nervous to just breath and move my energy. I was afraid what would come up and if it would be too much. But Victoria creates this cocoon of safety with her gentle guidance, amazing music and clear presence. I felt safe and held from the beginning which allowed me to enjoy and ride out the energy as it moved through and out of me. This changed my body and changed my feelings profoundly. And I have Victoria to thank for that. ”

Rebeca Salmon, NP, MA, Nurse Practitioner; San Francisco, CA

“Victoria has helped me so much with my anxiety and depression, through life coaching and now Breathwork. Learning to breathe more deeply has helped me control my anxiety and slow down. It has also helped my digestion in practicing to eat more mindfully. I highly recommend working with her!”

Mani Tolkow, Student; New York, NY

“Doing breathwork with Victoria was nothing short of mind blowing. Through her guidance & technique I was able to tap into & release some very old trauma. I left feeling light, energized & not even a crazy storm, delayed commute or cancelled plans could get me down. ”

Shaun Horn, Brand Activation Specialist; NY, NY

“I knew immediately that I could fully trust Victoria to guide me through breathwork. She led me through the breathing technique and into a depth within myself that was incredible. It was powerful! I felt extremely grateful for Victoria's wise, soothing presence as she held space and spoke to me (at just the right moments) throughout the session. I remember feeling so much joy that I laughed out loud. How magical! Thank you, Victoria!”

Rachel Drews, Wild Woman Healer, Writer; Brevard, North Carolina

“Breathwork has already taken me on a crazy eye opening journey that I never expected and would not be able to go through alone. Victoria's kindness, genuine support, and guidance has been everything along the way. Her energy and realness provides an environment where I feel completely at ease to be myself so I can actually begin to heal.”

Lish Steiling, Chef; New York, NY

“Working with Victoria has been a very powerful, transformative and healing experience! She is incredibly caring and mindful of your energy while leading you through breath work, creating safety which has allowed me to go deeper into myself and unlock more information from my body and mind. Victoria truly has a gift for this work and is able to meet you exactly where you are at, while creating a container of safety which allows the work to unfold gently and powerfully. I am so very grateful to have found Victoria!”

Dr. April Blake, Naturopathic Physician, Licensed Midwife; San Rafael, CA

“Breathwork has been a transformational tool for me. As someone who tends to over-intellectualize, I found breathwork an incredibly helpful way to connect to my body, better access my intuition, and gain new insights into my relationships with others and, most importantly, with myself. Breathwork has also been a powerful way to release emotions, manage my anxiety, and ground myself. I’m so excited that other folks are having the opportunity to learn about this great technique from a practitioner and life coach as talented and thoughtful as Victoria.”

Dr. Jules Netherland, PhD Director, Drug Policy Alliance; New York, NY

“Victoria Albina is an amazing breathworker. She has facilitated a great deal of my healing with her incredible ability to hold space and to give true, Intuitive support. She has been genuine, companionate and a delight to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to participate in any of her offerings - breathwork or life coaching”

Andy Overslaugh, Bartender; New Orleans, LA

“I’m the type of person who is generally apprehensive when it comes to wellness work. I know it calls for pushing myself in a direction that requires thinking outside of the box and sometimes fighting against the things I have programmed yourself to think and do. But I took a leap and I tried a breathwork workshop lead by Victoria. I entered and left the room feeling warmth and love - and went back for more sessions! The process had me crying and reaching a space that I was not entirely sure my mind would have let go to without the guidance Victoria provides. It’s not easy for me to let go in that manner but I was so happy and grateful for the release. The experience was eye opening, cathartic, and inspiring. I thank Victoria for holding space and taking the care that made this possible.”

Kiesha Graham; Brooklyn, NY

“My first breathwork experience with Victoria was as eye-opening as it was heart-opening! She guided me through the session where I felt safe and supported, and the killer playlist didn't hurt either. I experienced deep relaxation and a spark to keep experimenting with this powerful tool as the newest addition to my healing toolkit. I'm grateful for the experience!”

Sara Weinreb, Host of the Medium Well Podcast; Colorado